Blow Dry Menu

Wash and Blow £25
Let us do all the work for you.

Blow Dry only £19
Arrive with wet washed hair and we will do the rest.

Hair boost £10
Repair and rejuvenate dry, weak or coloured hair by adding a magical capsule to your blow dry. Perfect if your hair feels dry or damaged.

Hair shot £10
This is a perfect add on if you would like super glossy hair. Recommended for those whom like there hair to scream expensive.

Cheeky Massage £5
Not in such a rush? Then add on a soothing head massage to relax you before your blow dry.


LOVE to have your hair looking at its best all the time? Why not book a package and save money at the same time.

10 Wash and Blow drys £220
10 Wash and Blow drys + 10 Hair shots £300
10 Wash and Blow drys + 10 Hair Boost £300